I've Always Been a Gambler

from by Murder Murder



Punk rock bluegrass pickers. Purveyors of twisted traditions. Amateur moonshiners. Murder Murder does it all, and then some. The heaviest bluegrass band on the scene are back and darker than ever on their third release, Wicked Lines and Veins, due out this September. The record features 11 brand new original songs, soaked in tension, storytelling and tragedy, and put together by an eclectic mix of bluegrass instruments playing with reckless abandon.


I’ve always been a gambler, I always play to win
I kissed the lips of Harlem queens, shook hands with crooked kings
You may not know me now son, but it’s time that we begin
Cause I can tell that you’ve been ‘round too long

I’ve broken hearts in England, and I killed a man in Spain
That posse chased me off them shores and sent me home again
But not without the parting words a lonely bullet said
Well I can tell that you’ve been ‘round too long

The spread of scars upon my back, the tungsten in my veins
like Christ upon the mountain top I fell and rose again
But unlike Him I never could forgive my fellow man
The hour’s getting late, I guess it’s time to show my hand

Now the cuckoo, she’s a pretty bird, she warbles as she flies
Just like that little hand of yours, it trembles when you lie
You can play the Jack of Diamonds on the fourteen of July
But I can tell that you’ve been ‘round too long

I’ve always been a gambler but I never can recall
If I ever shed my wicked ways or worn them, thorns and all
’Til your very image slighted me, the blood boiled in my veins
You play the part of Abel, now it’s time I raise the Cain

I’ve always been a gambler, I always play to win
And I’ll be sure to cut your throat if I see you again
Won’t you lay your money down,
now won’t you make peace with your sins
Cause I can tell that you’ve been ‘round too long


from Wicked Lines & Veins, releases September 15, 2017



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Murder Murder Greater Sudbury, Ontario

Northern Ontario’s Murder Murder are a full string band with suitcase percussion who create a unique blend of bluegrass and outlaw country. Their virtuosic musicianship and evocative songwriting are backed by a wealth of original and traditional murder ballads. ... more

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