Murder Murder Murder

by Murder Murder

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adam wood
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adam wood Take the best parts of every Bluegrass and Country album you've ever heard and you get a fraction of how amazing this album is.
Every track just throws dirt in your eyes and you're grateful for it! Favorite track: Robert Moore.
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released November 25, 2013



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Murder Murder Greater Sudbury, Ontario

Northern Ontario’s Murder Murder are a full string band with suitcase percussion who create a unique blend of bluegrass and outlaw country. Their virtuosic musicianship and evocative songwriting are backed by a wealth of original and traditional murder ballads. ... more

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Track Name: Annabelle
Come with me, dear Annabelle, the carnival’s in town
Press my shirt, and shine my shoes, and lay my best suit down
You know that I got paid today, I've got to have my fun
And you will go along with me, through caravans we'll run

Spinning in the distance, the ferris wheel's in sight
Come ride with me dear Annabelle, before I end the night
I would like another turn before I'm headed home
Come ride with me dear Annabelle, so we can be alone

None but our car was full, she was seated at my side
And as our carriage reached the top, I threw her from the ride
I ran to inspect the wreck, I forced tears from my eyes
And at first glance, it must have seemed like my true love had died

The startled crowd surrounded me as I tried to pretend
Some tragedy's befallen this poor and broken man
We cried our tears of sorrow, but they did not understand
That my poor woman Annabelle had died by my own hand

Come with me dear Annabelle, I've got to have my fun
And you will go along with me until I say we're done.
Track Name: Three Left Dead
In my truck and headed home
Little bit drunk and a little bit stoned
I heard them talking on the radio
‘Bout three left dead on the men's room floor

Highway 11 never seemed so dark to me
To the truck stop I went for some much needed sleep
My head in a spin, from a mess of forty creek
I must have said something i didn't mean

All I wanted was a pack of smokes
Should have never gone to Etobicoke
On the run, feeling low
Now there's three left dead on the men's room floor

Three inbred cousins with hair full of grease
Drooled at their chins as they looked at me
As I passed them by, they got to their feet.
Followed my steps with eyes full of need

Figured I knew what they had in store,
Must have thought that I wasn't sure
Up until I locked the door,
Now there's three left dead on the men's room floor

Killed them all and away I go,
They should have just left me alone.
Those foolish men they moved so slow
Now there's three left dead on the men's room floor
Track Name: If the Sky Should Fall
She gleamed as she spoke to me, that night in Cedar Park.
She said boy you'd better keep your head, I change when it gets dark,
But I ignored her every word, with the simplest of ease.
I could not escape the flames that licked up at her knees.
She turned into a monster, just like she said she would.
Those flames burned out quickly and I fell face-down in the soot.
My heart began to harden, and my eyes turned bloody red.
Where I used to wish that woman well, now I wish that woman dead.

If the sky should fall
It's as good a night as any
I'm alone at home, trying to sleep without my baby
I could not tell you where she's gone
But I know its not my bed
And if the sky should fall I'll bring it down upon her head

I'm a mean young man,
Since that woman done me wrong.

Now I'm alone, since she turned my soul to ice.
I lay in bed and dream a million ways to end her life.
This city's filled with holes and tunnels deep and lost.
Where the only things that'd find you there would be darkness, dew and frost.
I know that I could get away if I set my mind to work,
Take her body and her soul, lay them both beneath the dirt.
Then I`d drive that dim road home as though nothing here had changed
Do away with her belongings, the very memory of her name.

Track Name: Diana
I first laid with her on a rainy Sunday morning
My heart beat like a kettle drum
She was 23 and I was only 14
I could not know, for I was far too young...
That our strange affair to her, was only fleeting
She had a husband and three babies back at home
She came to me to say that she`d be leaving
I did not take it well, I have been told

I loved Diana more than words
She was one in a million
Up until I threw her to that rushing, wide Vermillion
I can`t look at it the same, since I threw that girl away
Now Diana I don`t love you anymore

I`m older now and I am sad and lonely
I often think about the thing I done
No one knows just what happened on that Sunday
Or of the living hell my life`s become
The image of her children haunts me daily
And if they`ve grown up motherless and mean
And if their father`s turned his broken heart to whiskey
The only one that they should blame is me.


I remember how she fought that rushing water
How her finger tips clawed up at the shore
She cried to me as the waves crashed upon her
She would see her darling family never more
Now I fear for every woman I get close to
That I may be an evil villain from her dreams
For my sins I know the lord will cast me into
Hell to suffer for eternity.
Track Name: The Ballad of the Lonely Hermit
I left home when I was young, I left a trail of blood in my wake
My father, he was heavy handed, I cut his throat for my poor mothers sake
Just left her lonely.
Well I laid out from Onaping, I figured I was on my way to hell
I Hitched a ride with a beauty queen, couldn`t keep my hands to my self
She seemed lonely.

I landed broke in Mattawa, with nothing but my knife and bloodied hands
I held a cup on Poplar street, I was so hungry I could hardly stand
And I was lonely.
I went to rob a liquor store, hand outstretched, white knuckled on the blade
He gave me nearly everything, but I killed that old attendant anyway.

You see sir that was my story, for 30 years I`ve locked myself away
These prison walls I cut from the pine trees, I learned to keep my evil safe at bay
but I`ve been lonely.
Its a shame son that you`ve come to find me, but then again I`ve waited all this time
So go on sir, drink up your coffee, empty up your cup and spend the night
you won`t be lonely.
Track Name: Handsome Man
It broke out at the legion and the whole town, they were there
The women started screaming but the fighters didn`t care
Two men staggered out into the rat infested street
Glaring at each other through the heat.

The first one was so handsome every woman knew his name
All dressed in fine attire, nothing on that man was plain
And the second one so ugly, but a deadness in his eye
Said he would kill that handsome man if he did strike.

When the devil comes to life here in the street
You better take cover when they open up and stack bodies at their feet
If you can brave the storm, coming straight for this here town
Then turn your head and lay your money down.

Yeah well, the handsome man, he quivered as they stood there face to face
The town folk all felt sorry, no one dared to take his place
Well the ugly one had killed before and had bounties on his head
And we knew that handsome man would soon be dead.

Well the pretty boy he drew his gun, his opponent did the same
But his handsome face turned ugly as that bullet pierced his brain
In the crowd we held our breath as he fell onto the floor
That handsome man wasn`t very handsome anymore.

Track Name: Cadillac
Well, me and Lloyd Green went out that night
Gonna get drunk in the evening time
In the morning I leave for the oil sands
Its two weeks on then I'm back again

She was turning tricks down on Kathleen
I was hoping she could send me off with weakened knees
But she got in the car, pulled out a gun
I blew her away with my .221

Now theres a body in the back of my cadillac
I’m drinking hard liquor and driving fast
I'm headed to the dump to the west of town
To lay that woman down

Well I ain’t seen Lloyd Green around
Since we were knee deep in that frozen ground
It's another day lost and another day gone
And another day living underground

Heard that Lloyd's been talking through a mutual friend
Running his mouth ‘bout how he's feeling regret
Well Lloyd you know I can't have that
Let you go once now I'm coming back.

I’ve still got that .221
It ain't seen much use still it's a hell of a gun
Think I'll pick up the phone
Dial out a call
And see if Lloyd green remembers at all

About that body in the back of my cadillac
I’m drinking hard liquor and driving fast
I'm sorry Lloyd I know we were friends
Can't let you talk again
About that body in the back of my cadillac.
Track Name: Cold December Night
I grabbed that woman and I tied her to an armchair
I tied her to an armchair on that cold December night
My heart filled with pain, for we bought that chair together
With my finger on the trigger i pulled hard with all my might

That shot it jerked my hand, so I could not hit her squarely
No, I did not hit her squarely on that cold December night
I stayed there for a while, and I watched as she lay bleeding
Threw that gun into the garden and ran off in such a fright

The sheriff told me later, that they found me by the river
They found me by the river on that cold December night
That she didn't live much longer, she died an hour later
Not before she called her mother just to tell her what I done

That woman never liked me, so I can see how you boys found me
I can see how you boys found me here on this cold December night
But I won't tell you that I'm sorry, for murdering her daughter
For that girl was supposed to love me but she cheated and she lied

I lay here waiting, every hour in this prison
Every hour in this prison's like a cold December night
Well I lay here waiting till I can finally meet my maker
He'll come down here and drag me up and end my darkened life

They'll lay me on the table, they'll strap me in securely
They'll strap me in securely on a cold December night
They'll lay that blindfold over me, they'll shove that needle in me
I guess thats the price I pay for killing my dear wife
On that cold December night
Track Name: Caleb Meyer
Caleb Meyer, he lived alone
In them hollarin' pines
Made a little whiskey for himself
Said it helped pass the time

Long one evening in back of my house
Caleb come around
Called my name 'til I went out
With no one else around

Caleb Meyer, your ghost is gonna
Wear them rattlin' chains
But when I go to sleep at night
Don't you call my name

Where's your husband, Nellie Kane
Where's your darling gone?
Did he go down off the mountain side
and leave you all alone?
Yes, my husband's gone to Bowling Green
to do some business there
Then he threw that bottle down
and grabbed me by my hair

Caleb Meyer, your ghost is gonna
wear them rattlin' chains
but when I go to sleep at night
Don't you call my name

He threw me on the needle bed
across my breast he lay
then he pinned my hands behind my head
and I commenced to pray

I cried my God, I am your child
send your angels down
Then feelin' with my fingertips
the bottle neck I found

I drew that glass across his neck
as fine as any blade
and I felt the blood pour fast hot and fast
around me where I lay

Caleb Meyer, your ghost is gonna
wear them rattlin' chains
But when I go to sleep at night
Don't you call my name

Caleb Meyer, your ghost is gonna
wear them rattlin' chains
But when I go to sleep at night
Don't you call my name
Track Name: Warm in the Arms of my Baby
Oh dear, how could this happen
Killed three men in a Buffalo tavern
Left them lying on the floor
High-tailed it across the border

The fight broke out, it was half past ten
I pulled up to the front and went walking in
He was standing at the bar with one of his friends
And Jimmy his cousin was his closet kin

I came through the door and they were staring at me
I could see from their faces they were less than happy
I got a little closer, I started laughing
Got up to by a drink, that's when they attacked me


I took the first by his head and I caved it in
Dragged a shard of glass underneath his chin
Jimmy was standing drinking “vodka 7’s”
Killing his cousin didn't hardly effect him

The second man swung and he swung wide
I put his own blade right between his eyes
His body went limp and to my surprise
Jimmy just stood there as cold as ice


Jimmy got up and he raised his hand
He said you've done well but I'm a tougher man
The room fell silent and they stopped the band
The crowd thinned out, that's when it began

The “vodka 7” soared through the air
I ducked, it missed and he raised his chair
I shouldnt've suspected the fight to be fair
It happened so fast I could not prepare

I felt that chair crashing over me
Blood in my eyes I could hardly see
I kicked Jimmy right in the knee
And Jimmy fell down hard off his feet

I started bashing him in the head
With the front door stop that was made of lead
His head split open and boy he bled
After the first five blows I knew he was dead


When I got back to Parry Sound
Six a.m. no one around
Careful not to make a sound
My wife was sleeping in her evening gown

I crawled over and said baby wake up
I need a little comfort my night was tough
She said boy do you look rough
Held me tight and we made love
Track Name: Willow Garden
Down in the willow garden
Where me and my love did meet
As we sat there a-courtin'
My love did fall asleep

I had a bottle of Burgundy wine
My love did not know
I poisoned that dear little girl
On the banks of the river below

I slipped a sabre through her
It was a bloody knife
I threw her into that river
It was an awful sight

My father often told me
That money would set me free
If I could murder that dear little girl
Whose name was Rose Connelly

My father sits at his kitchen door
Wiping tears from his eyes
For his only son soon shall walk
To yonder scaffold high

My race is run, beneath the sun
The scaffold waits for me
For I did murder that dear little girl
Whose name was Rose Connelly
Track Name: Wild Bill Jones
Well I went down for to take a walk,
I ran into that Wild Bill Jones
He was walkin' and a'talkin'
by my sweet lover's side
And I bid him to leave her alone

He said my son I am 22
much too old to be controlled
I pulled my pistol from my side
And I destroyed that poor boy's soul

He reeled and he staggered
and he fell to the ground
Gave one last dying moan
He wrapped his arms 'round my little girl's neck,
Sayin' "Honey won't you take me home?"

So pass around that old long-neck bottle
And we'll go out on a spree
Today was the last of that Wild Bill Jones
Tomorrow will be the last of me
Track Name: Northeast Winds
I must admit that I was made a fool
By a long legged blonde-headed beauty
I loved that girl with a fire across my chest
Just as warm as the prevailing winds from the west

I lost my baby on that fateful day
When the winds changed direction they blew her away
Now I'm alone
And the cold northeast winds blow

Just as quiet as she could and with such slight of hand
She dressed in the night and ran off to see that man
I went down the road following her feet
Through the snow to his dirty old trailer down the street

I could smell her perfume from the moment I pulled up
Heard my daddy's voice replaying “boy you'd better lock her up”
Now I know
Why the cold northeast winds blow

She thought she could slip away softly
She thought that I was a foolish man
He thought he could steal that woman off me
But the winds changed again

I stepped from my truck and I came face to face
With a run-down sorry excuse for a place
Windows were covered with cheap plastic sheets
To the front door I waded through snow up to my knees

I found my baby on that fateful day
When I walked into that trailer and I blew them both away
And I went home
And the cold northeast winds blow