From the Stillhouse

by Murder Murder

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released June 16, 2015

Murder Murder, Matthew Wiewel, Ethanol.



all rights reserved


Murder Murder Greater Sudbury, Ontario

Northern Ontario’s Murder Murder are a full string band with suitcase percussion who create a unique blend of bluegrass and outlaw country. Their virtuosic musicianship and evocative songwriting are backed by a wealth of original and traditional murder ballads. ... more

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Track Name: Sweet Revenge
There's a train that runs through my home town
And when that train runs south

I dream I am flying out through the pines
Through to the Devil’s mouth
There's some folks down there, they gotta pay for their sins
Eye for an eye, blood for blood
Sweet revenge

That old train is long and black
And rumbles when it starts
The windows shake until they all but break
And it warms my cold, cold heart
I'll be riding high when that thaw sets in
Eye for an eye, blood for blood
Sweet revenge

You can go down to the station boys
And lay your money down
But there won't be no coach for me
Why I am Dunnsville bound
When I get there I'll knock that door off its hinge
Eye for an eye, blood for blood
Sweet revenge

You can keep your Lincoln sir
I don't care for your Cadillac ma'am
Only the pin-point aim of an old freight train
Can still my trembling hands
I know I'll find peace when this whole thing ends
Eye for an eye, blood for blood
Sweet revenge
Track Name: Where the Water Runs Black
It’s cold as hell come winter
and the floods run in the spring
And the junebugs sing a summer tune
and it drowns out everything
And the lilacs match her purple hair
and every song she sings
Lord, it drowns out everything

Now I’ve seen the sky turn red
not unlike blood runs through a vein
Where she led me ‘cross the water
through those fields of barley grain
And in that broken beat up shack
she swore she’d take away my pain
Like blood runs through a vein

And if you wanted I could take you
I walked that road ‘til the water runs black
I loved that woman but she left me lonely
She broke my heart, lord, she never turned back

The night time brought the frost
and the morning brought the rain
And when I looked about the room
I found my hurt it still remained
For that little love of mine was lost
and my heart could not abstain
From the hurt that still remained

I lost sight of all that spoke to me
and I fell beyond the pines
Washed my hands clean in the river,
let the water clear my mind
But when I awoke to find my hands were darker than the wine
I just fell beyond the pines


She saw them bright lights and tried to follow
And in the darkness those lights called her back
I know she’s out there somewhere beneath the hollow
Where the river runs the mountain side
and the darkness keeps it black
If you wanted I could take you
We’ll walk that road ‘til the water runs black
I loved that woman but she left me lonely
Oh, that woman broke my heart and lord she never did turn back
Track Name: Evil Wind
The weight of all I’ve done
In this wicked life of mine
Burdens my each step
And it haunts my waking mind
Sometimes in the night
Looking through my kitchen door
I’m afraid an evil wind is gonna blow

Well I grew up in the country
On an eighty-acre plot
We had corn and we had cattle
That we raised and sold and bought
I was just fourteen When I fell so deep in love
And I felt that evil wind begin to blow

The moment I first saw her
at the market in the fall
I knew that I would have her
Or I’d have nothing at all
Each step I took towards her
Was like fighting through a storm
An evil wind, an evil wind is gonna blow

(chorus) An evil wind is gonna blow
And bring that woman to my door
She’s a storm cloud hangin’ in the air
It wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair
It’s the way it had to go
An evil wind, an evil wind is gonna blow

It wasn’t very long before I asked her for her hand
She said we had to wait
Until I was a man
But I was eager, I was foolish
And I’ve never done things slow
In her hair an evil wind began to blow

Well time is like molasses
And I knew I couldn’t wait
I’d climb in through her window
And we would run away
But when I went that night I found
She wasn’t there alone
In my heart an evil wind began to blow

Well now I can’t remember
what was going through my head
My blood turned to fire
And my face turned red
And I flew into that room
Like a moth to a torch
An evil wind, an evil wind is gonna blow


I see her in my dreams now
Each and every night
I see her in the air
At the break of morning light
And I see her in my doorway
Out the corner of my eye
An evil wind, an evil wind is gonna blow
An evil wind, an evil wind is gonna blow
Track Name: Duck Cove
I was an orphan, just seventeen
When I signed my papers and headed to sea
Dust on my boots and sand in my throat
I traded it all for high tides and peacoats

I never knew love though I found him there
With a hitch in his step and a wisp in his hair
We'd meet in the dark and when that ship was moored
We'd take a drop boat and row it to shore

(chorus) Guns on the broad side Back to the wind
Until we meet again

We'd meet at night-fall, creep quietly round
Hiding in shadows for fear we'd be found
For without discretion we both would be shot
Beaten and drowned if we ever were caught

What could we do man what could be done
We found ourselves so deeply in love
We spoke of forever, a boat of our own
The mighty Atlantic, a place to call home


I never felt so low,
I looked through the port hole
And I saw the drop boat
headed for Duck Cove
The thought of my lover
out with another
Somebody else than the
one who has loved him

It pained me more than I could explain
I had not the voice to call out his name
If they will run I will chase them ashore
For the sake of those cowards
What could I do more


I set away in the cold of the night
The winds they were howling
and nearly capsized me
But I forged ahead and I hit the shore
Saw the drop boat in pieces
all but the oars

They lay together both barely alive
The stranger turned over
and opened his eyes
He said “I know what this looks like
and though you think it wrong,”
He said “please save my lover,”
then he was gone
I felt such power and fury that night
I picked up a rock took that cold bastards life

Track Name: Movin On
Son of a working man
Sharp tongue and a heavy hand
He said son keep your hands clean
Parry Sound’s a quiet town
not too much trouble to be found
And I've looked everywhere that it could be

From the floors of dirty bars
To the back seats of dirty cars
I drink and swear and cheat and steal and lie
One thing I know is true
is that there's nothing I can do
There's so much trouble in my life

(chorus) I'm movin’ on
There will be no more trouble in my life
I won't fear all the shadows hanging over me
When there's no more trouble in my life

I got friends in Brown and Hardy
And a brother down in Carling
I got family up north in Sudbury
Everybody knows
that I can't set foot back in Mowat
There's folks there'd like
to get their hands on me

I met boys across the border
We played cards and now I owe them
I pressed my luck one too many times
Everyone who knows my name knows that I'm the one to blame
For all the trouble in my life


I got a brand new job
Hauling timbre up in Pog
I got a girl and boy she keeps me fit
If you see my family tell them
I've been keeping to myself
I've been living like a good man ought to live

Riding through Horne Payne
A boy stopped me on the train
He said I know you stole my brothers wife
He thought that he was tough
I knocked him down he never got back up
Brand new trouble in my life

Track Name: When the Lord Calls Your Name
Come brothers and sisters,
and lend me your ears
Do your sins weigh upon you?
Does your soul walk in fear?
Do you seek redemption?
Are there answers you crave?
Look not any further,
for your souls shall be saved

Once I was just like you,
so greedy and proud
With a voice full of anger,
and I shouted out loud
Then a light shined upon me,
so graceful and true
And if you will let me,
I’ll shine it on you

(chorus) So gather the angels,
and sing us a prayer
When his sights are upon you,
you can’t hide anywhere
Now accept and rejoice him,
not with pride, not with shame
And you’ll know my intentions,
when the lord calls your name

There’s no room in heaven
for sinners and fools
Who waste all their efforts
on women and jewels
Or spend evenings in taverns
with harlots and whores
Then come crawling on Sundays
to beg me for more


I know it seems hopeless,
that salvation is lost
For your souls to be pardoned,
your life is the cost
Won’t you join hands together
as we’re cleansed in the flames
There’ll be no need to thank me
when the lord calls your name
Track Name: The Last Gunfighter Ballad
The old gunfighter on the porch
Stares into the sun
And relives the days
Of living by the gun
When living was mistakes not made
And deadly games of pride were played
And the thought of the smell
of the black powder smoke
Stand in the street at the turn of a joke
Oh, the smell of the black powder smoke
And the stand in the street
at the turn of a joke

And it’s always keep your back to the sun
He can almost feel the weight of the gun
It’s faster than snakes or the blink of an eye
Time for all slow men to die
His eyes get squinty,
his fingers twitch
He empties his gun at the son-of-a-bitch
And he’s hit by the smell
of the black powder smoke
Stand in the street at the turn of a joke
Oh, the smell of the black powder smoke
And the stand in the street
at the turn of a joke

Now the burn of a bullet is only a scar
And he’s back in his chair
at the front of the bar
And the streets are empty
and the blood’s all dried
Dead are dust, whiskey’s inside
So buy him a drink, lend him an ear
He’s nobody’s fool and the only one here
Who remembers the smell
of the black powder smoke
Stand in the street at the turn of a joke
Oh, the smell of the black powder smoke
And the stand in the street
at the turn of a joke

Now he’s just an old man that no one believes
Says he’s a gunfighter, the last of his breed
And there’s ghosts in the streets,
seeking revenge
And turning him out to the lunatic fringe
Now he’s out in the traffic, checking the sun
He’s hit by a car as he goes for his gun

So much for the smell
of the black powder smoke
Stand in the street at the turn of a joke
Oh, the smell of the black powder smoke
And the stand in the street
at the turn of a joke
Track Name: Half Hitch Knot
Betty came home with two black eyes
Spending her nights with that Westree guy
Momma said to quit him
with a tear in her eye
Betty said she loves him
but she don't know why

Papa’s dead and buried
‘neath the old oak tree
She was daddy's little girl
it was plain to see
My old man was as mean as could be
Now he's long gone and it’s up to me

You're a polite motherfucker
with your hands tied up
Like a barnyard pig just about to get stuck
The knife’s coming down if you like it or not
You won't never get out of my half hitch knot

We all agree that enough is enough
It's been so long now it's gonna stop
Momma says we better call the cops
She picks up the phone and I hang it back up

Momma knows better to involve the law
Unless somebody's dead
they don't come up here at all
Gonna leave another body
‘neath the old oak tree
Close enough that my daddy can see

You’re a polite cocksucker
with your hands tied up
Like a barnyard pig just about to get stuck
The knife’s coming down if you like it or not
You won’t ever get out of my half hitch knot
Track Name: Alberta Oil
A tall and wealthy Texan
Walked a dusty Texas street
He stopped into a barroom
And found himself a seat
He looked up at the barkeep
and said please pour me a round
I've finally got my papers,
now I'm Alberta bound

He landed in the country
where the oil runs so thick
Found himself an acreage
started making money quick
Went out on the weekend
for to have himself a time
A woman in the tavern caught his eye

She had on a ballroom dress
look like she stole it from the queen
It was easy to tell she was
a gal of many means
Right away he knew that
he just had to meet that girl
Grabbed her hand and took her for a whirl

(chorus) He was buried with his passport
in a black Alberta ditch
His life was cut far too short
by a cold Alberta bitch
We all knew what had happened
and it gave us all a fright
He was buried with his passport that night

In those few weeks it seemed
to be going pretty well
Every Sunday evening out
in her home he'd dwell
They went down to the river
for to take a little walk
Held her close as she began to talk

From the shores of Athabaska
to Peace River and Cold Lake
All across the province stretched
her father’s vast estate
Everyday her father makes money out of dirt
Someday soon that fortune would be hers


No one’s seen that Texan
for many, many years
Listen to my story children,
don't you cry no tears
And if you should see fit to pull
your fortune from the ground
It's best to never be Alberta bound
Track Name: Bridge County '41
Bridge county, ‘41
Ain’t much use for a dead man’s son
My daddy ran and he skipped his bail
So they shot him twice, threw his ass in jail
Poor boy

I found me a crook of land
Where the pines grow tall and the river bends
Work that shovel like a poor ol’ mule
While the still blows smoke
like a rich perfume
It’s sweet like candy, cut like glass
Half that cup will knock you on your ass
Never had trouble squattin’ by these pines
’til I spot that Mr. sheriff walkin’ down the line
Oh boy

He said, boy you know your still’s
sittin’ on my land
I said hold on now,
you ain’t give it a chance
Toss him a swig and when he tilts his head
I threw out my daddy’s colt
and filled him full of lead
Coughed up red and with his last breath
Said it’s not half bad but it ain’t the best
Well I know you is a liar but you ain’t no good
Cause that shit’s the best thing
from here to Collingwood
Poor boy

Bootleg Barney and the whiskey’s fine
I made a pretty little number
sellin’ all that shine
‘Til the market got slow and word got round
Said there’s another poor boy
sellin’ shine in town
I found him standin’ by the old ash woods
I cut that fucker down right where he stood
Never heard me comin’
‘til the bowie came down
Now he’s 28 years bleedin’ on the ground
Poor boy

Copper coil, copper twine
Copper veins for my bloodline
I feel it run all through the night
I’ll be shinin’ on this land
‘Til my bones turn into sand
Left in the dark, I’ll come to light
And if that sun don’t wanna shine
Honey, I might never die

The law found me in the middle of the night
When I’s lyin’ on my back
in the pale moonlight
Couldn’t tell if I was dead or alive
Until they caught that little hint of blood
in my eye
I grabbed the one on the right
with my blade on the left
And with the wrath of a god
and not an ounce of regret
I stuck him so damn deep
that when I looked at the other
He grabbed his pistol for a shot
I used the body for cover
And then daddy’s little colt
found him ‘tween the eyes
It’s the only thing he left me
but it sure is fine
Then they all start firing, catch me in the head
Bridge county’s own son might wake up dead
Poor boy
Track Name: Jon & Mary
Let me take you back to my momma’s store
I saw her browsing through the stock
With flowers on a summer dress
and her boots were caked in mud.

She seemed to look right through me
I couldn’t take my eyes from her.
She winked and smiled cooly
and snuck some candy in her purse.

From that day on I followed her
like a broken hungry dog.
She showed me things I had never seen
things that I knew nothing of.

Every night I’d find her throwing
pebbles at my door
I’d chase her through the moonlight
When I couldn’t take much more she’d say
Run just a little bit farther

They had plastic wrap for windows
in that shack out on the edge
and I never saw her daddy
her momma left them both for dead.

I found her on her doorstep
with her toes stuck in the clay,
she said her dad went off the deep end
what he did she wouldn’t say.

Well I was her’s completely
when she gently took my hand,
said this world has turned its back on us
we’ll take everything we can.

In a hot-wired Impala
On some highway headed West
when my mind began to wander
take off that summer dress
Run just a little bit farther

I parted with things
that I never though I’d sell.
It’s got to where I barely recognize myself.
The boy I was is gone,
it’s written on my face.
All the time that he spent dying,
her beauty never waned.

Long before I knew it
she threw a pistol in my lap.
She said there’s things that they have taken
and its time we get them back.

Let me take you back to that liquor store,
there was fire in my blood,
she was standing there in a summer dress
and her boots were caked in mud.

I stood there cold and shaky
with a pistol in my hand.
I knew when I saw the shotgun
it was us or it was them.

Sirens backed by sunset
in that little border town.
We ran to that impala
and left him lying on the ground.

Flying down those side roads
the night was dark and so was I.
As we raced on through the moonlight
I felt my eyes began to tire.
She said Run just a little bit farther
Run just a little bit faster